Who knew A Ceiling Could Just Fall Down?

If your douchebagdestructive carefree kids have a water balloon fight in the second floor bathroom without telling you, a few weeks later this will happen to the ceiling beneath the bathroom…

I mean, who knew a ceiling could just fall off like that. Fuck.

These children are not normal. Isn’t there supposed to be some sort of “behavior” filter inside of them that tells them that indoor water balloon fights are a bad idea?

I close the door on the ceiling carnage, walk away and pretend that this did not happen.

A Few Hours Later:

ROB: Where were you when all of this was going down?

ME: Oh, who knows? Don't go turning this around on me. This is about our evil children.

ROB: Yeah, but...

ME: I thought they were playing. I didn't think they were flooding the fucking house.

ROB:We're probably going to have to rip out the tile in the bathroom. Wait, you've been lobbying for a new bathroom- you probably gave them the balloons and told them to have a waterfight.

ME: I did not. I wish I'd thought of that, like 2 years ago.

Rob, exasperated, walks off, clearly not interested in talking to me anymore.

ME: Hey, do you think the insurance will cover this? Why are you giving me the finger?

Aww, they're so cute and pretty...a photo I took earlier this spring; these are not the badass ones that thrashed my house and caused $5000 in damage.