Don't Try This At Home:
One Family's (mis)Adventures Around the World

The Prairie Bridesmaid | novel by Daria Salamon | Winnipeg Freelance Writer


Ever wondered what it would be like to lose your five year-old daughter on an island in Thailand? Dreamt of being on a 52 hour bus ride through the Andes with two sick children? Daria Salamon and Rob Krause thought a year off would expose them to countries and cultures that would enrich their lives and teach their children about the world. What it actually did was make them question their own parenting abilities and choice of marital partners as they sputtered across 15 countries in the southern hemisphere. 

Don’t Try This At HomeOne Family’s (mis)Adventures Abroad is best described as a “How NOT to” travel memoir, offering insight into the minds of ‘those’ families that you try and avoid during your own travels.





Some families gather around the dinner table blah blah blah. This family blah blah blahs around the world and what a magnificent blah it is.
— Gary Shteyngart, Lake Sucess, The Russian Debutante's Handbook
Highly recommended for anyone who has ever dreamed of dropping everything to experience the world beyond our borders with kids in tow
— Grant Lawrence, Adventures in Solitude
Like an ill-advised, family friendly cross between National Lampoon’s Vacation and The Hangover, this book is an outrageous romp around the world that will have you marvelling at both the bravery and sanity of all involved. At its heart, Don’t Try This at Home is an adventure story: one that throws all sense of domestic normalcy (and Canadian safety standards) out the window in exchange for mystery street meat, glow worm caves, and endlessly treacherous flights, bus rides, and boat trips. Written in a unique and hilarious his/her duelling style, Krause and Salamon prove that not only is such a trip possible…it may just inspire your family to do the very same thing.
— Grant Lawrence, CBC Broadcaster and author of Adventures in Solitude, Dirty Windshields and The Lonely End of the Rink.