The Prairie Bridesmaid

The Prairie Bridesmaid | novel by Daria Salamon | Winnipeg Freelance Writer


Just cresting her thirties, Anna Lasko is a frustrated high school teacher whose almost ex-boyfriend, Adam, is away on temporary assignment in Europe. She finds herself tricked into a break-up-with-the-bad-boyfriend intervention by her supportive but meddling girlfriends. To cope with it all, Anna starts smoking again, keeps nightly counsel with her backyard squirrel, Buddy, and starts sessions with a caring but fashion-challenged therapist. Her well-intentioned family adds to the emotional workload when her beautiful and free-spirited sister decides to move to the Middle East with her boyfriend. Luckily, Anna has her devoted grandmother who constantly says it like it is, refuses to conform to anyone’s requests, and continues to live on her prairie farm half-blind, happy, and alone.

Spectacularly fun and rich with wit and savvy, The Prairie Bridesmaid is a delicious debut novel about the bonds that break and make family, friendship, and love.





Subversive Chicklit… Daria Salamon has written a funny, dark, quirky take on one woman’s epic struggle with the harsh realities of adult life: angry boyfriends, dull colleagues and meddling girlfriends… Like U.S. novelist Lorrie Moore, Salamon deftly combines humour and pathos to great effect.
— The Globe and Mail
Tender and funny… full of snappy dialogue and offbeat humour.… Salamon’s debut is a quirky, witty salute to that exhausting project of finding out who you are — and who you’re not — no matter how many bottles of cheap Merlot it takes.
— Quill & Quire
…fans of frivolous chick-lit keep out. Nothing in The Prairie Bridesmaid perfectly fits the mould of tradition poured by the likes of Giffin et al. — which is what makes it such a standout debut. Salamon has raised the bar on chick-lit with a thorny bouquet of razor- sharp wit, misguided relationships dripping with irony and a heroine who for once is just as forlorn as the rest of us. Salamon has given Anna a most empowering quality: defiance. The courage she displays in the face of adversity is relatable and inspiring. By giving her novel both style and substance, Daria Salamon writes chick-lit in a singularly groundbreaking way.
— "The Uniter", University of Winnipeg