Weird Shit Will Show Up in the Mail if You Online Shop While Drinking

Every once in a while things show up in the mail that I don't remember buying. Not only did I apparently purchase one plunger for $50, I bought two. I must have been really heavily into a good bottle of Malbec that night.

And, I guess, also thanks to the Malbec, I paid no attention whatsoever to the shipping details as the company doesn't even ship to Canada. The plungers showed up at the border and had to be picked up which needless to say did not go over well around here.

You bought what? I have to pick it up where?

There's two actually.

The plungers sat at the border until I could finally get friends to pick them up on their way through. I thought they'd be in boxes so I vaguely said they were bathroom supplies. Except they were wrapped in clear plastic so there was no hiding the fact that I was importing pretty plungers from the US. It wasn't really worth all the mocking I had to endure. Should have just made the two hour trip myself to get the fucking plungers.

When I finally did get them, they were flimsy and crooked. I can only imagine what would happen if I tried to stick one them into a toilet full of shit.

While it is kind of fun to get suprises in the mail that are expensive and useless, I'm going to lay off the shopping while drinking.

I think I'm going to just stick to emailing people and doing stutus updates. It's cheaper.