Weekly Round Up: Best Time Wasters of the Week.

I didn't write an original blog post this week, 

but I watched and read a lot of shit Online. 

Does that count? 

Here is my round up of stuff I wish I came up with: 


Made Me Laugh:

25 Flawless responses to wrong number texts.

  • I peed a little and this inspires me to get a smartphone.

Filthy Elf on the Shelf pics

  • Some of these pics sum up my early 20's.

Made Me Think:

13 Things Mentally Strong People Avoid.

Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

Got Kids? 

This 13 year old no-school kid does an amazing Ted talk on


  • God, I wish I'd given birth to this kid.

For Writers:

Shit Rough Drafts

  • There is some stuff you are simply not allowed to write.

Video of the week:

A bunny learns to sheep herd.

Nuf said.

Book of the Week:

Oh, and say, you wanted to feed your brain, instead of wreck it, 

just read, loved and recommend

The Book Thief

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