Top Picks of Village Crazies

I love living in Osborne Village. Great neighbourhood, quirky people. And the warm weather always brings out the crazies. I try to talk to all of them. My "Top Picks" of people I've encountered while gardening this year are as follows:

1. A lady pushing her cat in a baby stroller. (I thought I'd seen it all.)

2. A guy who asked if he could have a drink of water out of my hose.

3.  An entire stagette party. In veils and drunk.

4. A Dude pushing a Safeway shopping cart containing 9 cases of Lucky beer. (I counted.)

5. A guy who told me I'd have a way better garden if I put down the glass of wine. (Okay, that was actually my next door neighbour Steve. But he counts.)

6. Two Jehovah's Witness senior citizens. They were sweet, I felt bad, took the brochure, let them believe I was a potential candidate for their cult. Bad idea because they came back the next week.

7.   A guy who was taking his daughter who had just graduated out for cake at Baked Expectations. (He wasn't crazy, but he was so proud of her it made me tear up, so he makes my list.)

8. A guy who constantly walks up and down the street, wearing his cat around his neck like a scarf. (Lots of people with "cat issues" in the village.)

9. Two deer in my front yard! They were rude, not very talkative.

None of these top my

ALL-TIME Favourite Village Crazy

...from a few years ago. I left the front door open, was watching TV in the living room upstairs. A guy comes in the front door, shleps up the stairs, politely apologizes for interrupting my show but was wondering if I possibly had a smoke he could bum. I was sad I wasn't able to reward that level of gumption.

It's still early in the I suppose anything is possible.

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