Defiant Daria

I save my latte cups from Starbucks all winter and give them to my dad. Then, in the spring he returns them to me, filled with various varieties of tomato plants he's grown from seed. He usually writes the name of the plant on the cup just above where the Starbucks employee wrote my name. That's love, right?

Except, now I think he might be fucking with me.

Is there really a tomato plant called "defiant"? And even if there is a tomato plant called "defiant", I bet he grew it just so he could write that word above my name. (Another of the Starbuck-tomato-cups said "Super Sonic Daria". Bionic would have been better, but at least I can live with Super Sonic.)

Maybe he just scrawls adjectives across every cup I hand him, depending on how he's feeling about me that day. What? You pay five dollars a pop for these coffees? And then he scrawls "Idiot" across the cup and next year he'll swear Idiot is a new variety of tomato.

I just googled tomato varieties...there's one called "Mighty Sweet". I'm going to request that one next year. But I'm sure I'm sure I'll get the one I saw called "Brandy-Wine" or "Cherry Buzz".

Defiant, Super Sonic, Idiot, Cherry Buzz


I love my dad, regardless of what he calls me or my tomatoes.

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