Me: Oh, I have this guy picking up my computer to fix it while we're away.
Rob: What, did you give him a key to the house? Does he mow the lawn oo?
Me: No, Steve, next door, is going to let him in to get it.
Message from Steve: I'm letting this guy into your house? Should I let him house sit too? Thanks for giving him all of my contact info and address.
Rob: What's wrong with your computer?
Me: I want him to back up my stuff on the Internet or something.
Rob: When you say this stuff out loud does it sound ridiculous to you as well.
Is it just a dude? Or is this a business?
Me: A dude, he lives in Osborne Village. We got a flyer in the mail. I called and I got a good vibe off of him.
Rob: So, if I put flyers in your mailbox, you'll give me expensive pieces of equipment.
Is he bonded? He could just walk away with your computer.
Me: He's on facebook.
Rob: Once again, does it sound ridiculous when you say this stuff aloud?
JMessage to Steve: Don't give that guy my computer!!! Make up some excuse.
Message from Steve: Done. I told him you have computer separation issues. But he's asking if he can still stay here. I said I guess it'd be okay as long as he doesn't mess with your computer.

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