Reasons Why Halloween is Way More Fun As An Adult.

  1. As a kid, I recall being stuffed into my Ukrainian dancing costume, given a pillow case and told not to come back for three hours.

  1. Get to wear super sexy costumes. Okay, that ship has sailed. Okay, I was never actually on that ship. The closest I ever came to a “sexy” Halloween costume was standing next to Rob when he was wearing his.

  1. If you have young children it is VERY EASY to steal their candy because they usually don’t know how to count that high and they aren’t very good at inventory. LOTS of free candy, minimal effort.

  1. When the kids do learn how to keep track of their candy, you invent this creature called The Great Pumpkin and convince them to put a good chunk of their candy at the bedroom door. In exchange "The Great Pumpkin" leaves a toy. The problem with this is, unlike Santa, none of the kids at school know who the fuck The Great Pumpkin is and why he doesn't show up at their houses…so you need to have a pretty solid system of lies in place to explain why you hauled back 2/3 of their candy.

  1. 5. Halloween is carte blanche for bad behaviour at your favourite bar or social. No one can identify you.

  1. 6.If you live in Osborne Village you can be 27 and still go trick or treating. Every year I give out candy to packs of grown men who are not wearing any sort of costume because I don’t really want to find out what happens if I don’t give them candy. I think they think their tattoos count as a costume.

Happy Halloween!