I Bet My Liver Would Taste Super Good.

I just got a Get Out of Jail, I mean, Camping, Free Card (aka plane ticket home) to work on my book. Well, I’m supposed to be working on my book but I can’t stop fixating about how awesome my liver would taste right now.  I mean, if someone were to carve it out and eat it right this second. It doesn’t even need to be cooked.

It’s been marinating in amazing wine and East Coast micro brew beer for the past 6 weeks. And then I arrived home to 40 degree weather, the windows in the house haven’t been opened for months. So it’s super musty – more like a Smoker, really, than a slow cooker. I’ve been sitting here working in this slow cooker/smoker all weekend and it just occurred to me that my liver might even be considered a delicacy in some parts of the world.

Email From My Husband:

Rained all morning. Then poured from 3-5. Got a break now to cook, but looks like more is on the way.

Worst idea ever. It's too hard camping with solo with the kids and my dad. I am being run ragged. Seriously. And I think it's compounded cuz I'm trying to keep everything dry.





Email Reply to Rob:

Dear Rob,

Things sound terrible.  I know that I flew home to work on my book. But all I can think about is how good my liver would taste.  When you get home I think we should try it.

Email from Rob:

Please don’t email me anymore.

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