Elsa & Luke Skywalker: 10 Reasons Why They Should Date

I have a four-year-old girl who is Frozen and Elsa-crazy. I’ve seen this movie reenacted so many times that we break out into song and dance in the produce section at the grocery story. Let it go, let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore.

My seven year-old son is Star Wars-mad.  A room in our house has been annexed and turned into a Star Wars lab where he is building a light saber and a small ship. (Although, he's pissed because we won’t let him get a power drill or padlock the room.)

Anyway, thanks to my children - I know A LOT about Elsa and Luke and clearly spend far too much time thinking about them.  

They are compatible and they should date! Here's why:

  1. Both come from royalty (Luke is son of Amidala, Queen of Naboo; Elsa is Queen of Arendelle)

  2. Special Powers. Elsa has the magical ability to manipulate ice and snow; Luke uses The Force (and he wields a lightsaber)!

  3. Both learn to harness their powers to defeat evil.

  4. Luke’s mother dies in childbirth. Elsa’s mother dies when she is a young child.

  5. Both hide out in frozen places. Elsa escapes to her ice palace; Luke heads to the frozen planet Hoth.

  6. Elsa and Luke are both fiercely independent.

  7. Luke is separated from Princess Leia at birth to protect them from Darth Vader. Elsa is separated from Anna when she almost accidentally kills her. Both are re-united with their sisters as adults.

  8. Disney conceived Elsa; Disney adopted Luke. That doesn’t make them technically related, does it?

  9. Both have spunky little friends who help them – Olaf, the Snowman and R2D2.

  10. They are young, hot and eligible.

I think they should date and move to Winnipeg.