Apparently, We Don't Want to Leave Winnipeg.

Before walking up to the check-in counter.

You know that moment when you're about to board your flight to Rio, but then the ticketing agent asks for your Brazil travel visa and you're like, "what travel visa?" And the next thing you know you're sitting in your parents' car in their driveway in Fort Richmond drinking beer?

To buy said beer, you have to walk across the parking lot of the liquor store through fog and sleet, in your tank top and sandals. I'm supposed to be in Brazil, you awkwardly tell the sales clerk. 

Rob doing the walk of shame out of the airport.

So, how the heck does this all happen, you 're wondering? Me too, actually. I mean, we've been dealing with travel and VISA requirements for 7 months. 

We were looking to fly to Peru, Ecuador, Argentina or Chile initially. We checked the VISA requirements for all of these countries.  But when booking flights a really great last minute deal for Rio, Brazil, popped up. (Obviously, not such a great deal now). We jumped on it it without double checking entry requirements. Seems Brazil is the only country in South America with a lengthy VISA application process. Who knew? (Almost every country we've been to (11 in total), you acquire visas online or at point of entry). We've made more than a few mistakes this year, but not one this epic!

The neighbour's kid has pink eye. We're thinking of going over there and rolling around in some of her eye goop! Damn. Pink Eye. We couldn't fly. Had nothing to do with our non-existent visas.

We're re-jigging our flights. It'll be okay. We should be off within a few days. In the meantime, I'm waffling between drinking heavily, laughing, crying. Hopefully at some point, I'll get out of my parent's car. 

In my last blog post, I believe I might have said, it's not about the destination, it's about the experience. Well this experience is bullshit!

Note to my editor Sharon at Turnstone Press: I think this travel memoir is going to be pretty good!

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