A Gap in the Gap Year

Thank you for sharing our adventure for the past 30 weeks. It has been nothing short of incredible and life-changing.

Family, friends, and seeing the world have always been a priority for us and we've been living out our dreams in the fullest possible capacity.

We are taking a gap in our Gap Year and will be returning to Winnipeg to spend time with family as Rob's dad has passed away unexpectedly. My father-in-law was a colourful and adventurous man and he instilled that sense of spirit in those around him - including us. We are overwhelmed with grief and sadness.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in our adventure. We will return to the road, but look forward to some time at home. (Well, mostly, people's couches and spare rooms since we've rented out our house!)  I have some forthcoming posts in the pipe on some of our most recent ridiculous Asian antics.

My father-in-law and I shared an affinity for wine and downed a lot of it together. It's our last night in Bangkok before flying home; this glass is for him.

Love deeply & Live freely

Daria SalamonComment