Wunderland is an unpublished manuscript. Below is a brief synopsis of the story.


At sixty-three years old, Ted Black is leaving his love-hate, but mostly hate, teaching career in the public school system. No more Dream Big posters with dolphins jumping into sunsets for Ted. A lifelong gambling problem has left him permanently broke, and thanks to an outburst at a blackjack table he's been banned from the only home he's ever known — the casino.

Ted responds to a classified ad looking for drivers. He naively thinks the employment is with a courier company. Ted's new job, it turns out, is chauffeuring escorts around town.

Two months later, nothing about Ted's life resembles retirement. He's exhausted having moved up the ranks from occasional driver, earning a bit of pocket cash, to becoming Nice & Easy's most reliable man behind the wheel. He's housing condoms in his glovebox, buying diapers, lingerie shopping and trying to give advice to the girls about their lousy boyfriends.

In helping the women through some often hilarious and other times heartbreaking situations, Ted's mantra to not get involved is shattered and he discovers his own humanity.


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