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Daria Salamon

Hello Book Clubbers

Got a book club? Want Daria to visit? Daria loves book clubs! She has visited lots and is eternally grateful for the warm response, great snacks and access to free wine she has received over the years. Daria is also willing to Skype into your Book club. Contact Daria to arrange for a visit.


The Prairie Bridesmaid Discussion Questions for Book Clubs

  1. The end of the novel does not necessarily provide closure and tie up all of the loose ends. Is it satisfying? Do you require more closure?
  2. How important is the setting to this story? Could it be set anywhere?
  3. Does the talking squirrel work for you? Readers either love him or hate him!
  4. Why is the baba character (and Anna's relationship with her) so integral to the story?
  5. Comment on the cultrual aspect of the book?
  6. Anna's relationship with Sara (bridezilla) disintegrates. Is there a point in life where people should let unproductive friendships die?
  7. Can you identify with Anna's struggle to leave Adam, or do you find her struggle frustrating? (This often depends on a reader's own personal experiences.)
  8. The book finds humour in dark situations such as emotional abuse. This can either be uncomfortable or liberating for a reader. Discuss.
  9. The cover. Does it make you want to pick up the book, or pass right by?