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Daria Salamon

Our Travel Memoir is Coming to a Bookstore Near You May 16th

So, um, you may have noticed that I've sort of abandoned my blog for, er,  two years. Well, guess what I'M BACK! That may not be a good thing for everyone! But I've really missed it. I've had a pretty good reason for going AWOL!
My husband, Rob and I have been writing a travel memoir Don't Try This At Home: One Family's (mis)Adventures Abroad due out May 16th (Turnstone Press). We promise a funny (Rob) heartfelt (me) account of our debacles abroad. We had a great year and we're so excited to share everything that went wrong! We're currently finishing the copyedits - which feels a bit like stabbing yourself in the eye over and over with a pencil. Does the comma go here? Or there? What do you mean I have to cut out this bit about my vagina? 

We are thrilled to be three months away from launching our book! 
See ya soon!

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