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Daria Salamon


When they did the ultrasound the entire medical team was astounded. The little baby was clutching a pen in her hand for f%#k's sake. DARIA SALAMON was born a writer.

Okay, that is a flat out lie. She wouldn't start writing seriously until almost three decades later. And if she were writing this bio she would say, it doesn't come easily or naturally. She works really, really hard for it. And often the pages still suck.

Daria's writing career began when she entered a "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" writing contest in her local newspaper when she was twenty-seven. She wrote about her experiences wandering around and getting lost in Costa Rica, being adopted onto a senior citizens' tour bus and almost getting hit by three-toed sloth when it fell out of a tree and landed inches away from her head. Daria's essay won. It was her first published piece.

Unfortunately, this encouraged a lifelong writing addiction. She pitched story ideas to the Winnipeg Free Press and became a regular contributor writing about her experiences learning to surf in Malibu, offering her mostly drunk prairie girl perspective of the Cannes Film Festival party circuit and journaling about flying off to Ghana to help build a school. Daria also penned a monthly humour column on wedding planning gone wrong when she was planning her own nuptials. Daria pitched a lot of wacky ideas that have been published The Globe and Mail, Prairie Fire Magazine and Uptown Magazine.

Although Daria had not shown anyone her writing publicly until her late twenties, she had been keeping a private journal for years and she believes that she wrote her way out of a really crappy relationship. Writing offered Daria mental clarity when she had none. These journals became the foundation for her first novel, The Prairie Bridesmaid. It would be years and years and many, many rejection letters later before the novel was published. But perseverance and a cultivated passion for rejection resulted in the publication of her first book in 2008 by Key Porter Books.

The Prairie Bridesmaid was nominated for, and won, a bunch of awards that are listed elsewhere on this website. But most importantly Daria's mom read the novel and loved it, and that means more than any award ever could to Daria. Handing over the autobiographical manuscript to her mother was one of the most terrifying things she's ever done –even though Daria could have written The Sexual Adventures of My Pre-teen Years and her parents would support her.

Eagle Vision optioned The Prairie Bridesmaid for film. Daria and her screenwriting partner, Rebecca Gibson, wrote the film script. Daria agrees wholeheartedly with whoever said that adapting your own book to film is comparable to circumcising your own child.

Daria has recently completed writing her second comic novel, Wunderland. It's the story of a retired, degenerate math teacher who stumbles into a post retirement career driving escorts to their jobs and in the process finds his heart. Stay tuned for future publication news.

Daria has also taught high school English. With her students, she has raised close to $100,000 for the construction of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks at three primary schools in Tanzania, Africa.

Daria is also a wanderer and hiker. She's explored Central America, Europe, Ghana, Tanzania, Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, many US National Parks, Hawaii and of course, Canada. For her honeymoon, Daria hiked the West Coast Trail in British Columbia. Not the best idea if you want to have actual sex on your honeymoon.

Daria holds Bachelor degrees in Arts and in Education from the Universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba. She lives in Winnipeg with her husband and two children.